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+ Can I order just one?
For our subscribers: After your first delivery you can decide whether you want to continue receiving flowers from us or not. Of course we hope you do. But you can always change, pause, or cancel your subscription via your online account. Please save any changes before 23:59 on Sunday evening.
Have an special occasion coming up? Or you simply want to test us out? Well you can order on our shop from our exclusive selection of arrangements.
+ Can I pause my subscription for when I'm out of town? How do I do that?

Yes you can! To pause your account indefinitely, log in to your Rosaholics B2B account and click on ‘My account’ - then select the pause button. You can also select which weeks you want to skip your flower deliveries.


+ When do you deliver your flowers?
We only deliver on weekdays, from Tuesday to Friday.
Flowers usually take between 5 to 7 days to arrive!

Order Day Arrival Day
Monday Friday
Tuesday Tuesday
Wednesday Tuesday
Thursday Tuesday
Friday Wednesday
Saturday Thursday
Sunday Thursday


+ Where do you deliver?
Rosaholics B2B delivers across the US including Hawaii and Alaska. We haven’t reached Puerto Rico just yet!


+ Is it possible to state my own preferences for the bouquet?
At the moment you are unable to state your own preferences for the bouquet. This is a hassle free, effortless experience for those who enjoy premium flowers and want to discover new distinctive options.. You can pick between only roses or a mixed bouquet and we’ll take care of the rest! Our artisans work with us in handpicking each flower in tune with our exquisite color palette to create unique combinations and guarantee that every delivery will be a special surprise. To get an idea of our style, please have a look at our Instagram and Facebook pages. There, you'll be able to find different examples of our previous bouquets. For any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our lovely customer service team at


+ What kind of designs can I expect?
ROSAHOLICS B2Breveals a world of roses previously unknown. Forget ordinary arrangements each design is curated with love with Ecuadorian finest flowers that are cut, wrapped and sent straightly to your door. So we can always, always surprise you. ROSAHOLICS B2B will help you in finding a new way to those one of a kind flowers.


+ Can I order flowers that are not on the ROSAHOLICS B2B website?
Even though we don’t offer custom designs on arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a special request and we’ll do our best to obtain any flowers that you desire to compliment your roses with for an additional cost. (Subject to seasonal availability)


+ When will payment take place?
Once you've placed an order for your first flowers, your account will be charged via the specified payment method 1-3 days before each delivery. (Depending on bank or payment provider) Deliveries take place from Tuesday to Friday.


+ Are there any additional costs when ordering from Rosaholics B2B, for example a delivery charge?
No, our prices are all inclusive! There are no additional costs involved; taxes and delivery are already included in the set price.


+ How do I pay and when does payment take place?
You can pay via PayPal, debit or credit card. When you order your first bouquet of flowers, payment will be taken directly via the payment method you've chosen. Payments for subsequent deliveries are then taken automatically, one day before your delivery.
+ What is the ROSAHOLICS B2B experience?
ROSAHOLICS B2B experience is a subscription flower service; you pick if you want only roses or a bouquet of flowers, how frequently you'd like it delivered and then we take care of the rest! Our flowers come straight from our farm in Ecuador. By skipping the time flowers usually spend at a middleman, your flowers will be fresher and last for a longer period of time. Gone from your home for a month? Not a problem, your deliveries can be easily adjusted, paused and reactivated at any time through your online rosemode account.


+ I don’t see any red roses? Why?
Well, we did mention we don’t do ordinary. So we started eliminating the generic roses from our offering and began looking for anything but unique and exquisite. We personally test and select all of our flowers to ensure you receive the best quality available.


+ How long will my flowers last?
Rosaholics has a farm! We send you our farms roses directly to you cutting off the traditional chain.. What does this mean? It means that our flowers are fresher, delivered to you quicker and therefore last longer! It is important to note however that the longevity of flowers depends largely on how you care for them. Flower care and tips can be found on your flower box or on our blog. Using these care tips will help you keep your beautiful flowers fresher for longer! Go to flower care.


+ How can I contact your customer service?
You can contact us via email to From 9am - 5pm on any business day. It’s our job to help you so don’t be shy! We also have a live chat you can ask us anything there!
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